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Thread: afternoon all

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    afternoon all

    Hello everyone a quick hello!
    Looking forward to reading all your posts and hoping like most sites it doesnt turn into a slanging match lol
    Many thanks si

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    Welcome to the site, could we have a little more info please, not a vast amount just enough to let us know what you shoot etc.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Sorry john
    you know what the internets like I was unsure of giving away to much info.

    Names simon shot since the age of 12 then like most progressed to rifles and have used them for work and as a hobby, i enjoy all sorts of rifle shooting from stalking and foxing and still manage to get out on the rabbits 3nights a week.
    I spend quite a lot of time in the states which has given me many oppertunities to shoot several species not avaliable here in sunny england.
    I hold level 1 and 2 d.m.q and shoot for 2 wildlife organisations protecting ground nesting birds
    the 3 rifles I've used for the last 10yrs or so are:
    Hope thats enough

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