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Thread: Live capture fox trap cooling off

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    Live capture fox trap cooling off

    AM running a full size cage trap at the moment which was working very well but has gone cold on me.
    had the one in within 24 hrs of baiting it and usually would have them coming back at regular intervals.

    am wondering if the Cubs coming out later than normal has something to do with it and whether anyone had any bright ideas on how to get it catching again?

    been alternating bait, cat food, pork chop, stinky old kipper, all the tried and tested favourites
    the base is pushed into the gravel it is sitting on so the inside looks like ground
    had it covered, uncovered, relocated a couple of times

    Still seeing them and they are definitely interested in the bait as I can see the foot prints

    tricky things this year

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    Try moving the trap somewhere else,they could be associating that area with trouble,?

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    Done that, they are still taking the teaser bait outside the trap and are very active in this area

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    cover the mesh on the floor

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Done that, they are still taking the teaser bait outside the trap and are very active in this area
    try without teasers they wont be that curious/hungry just now with all the extra cover/titbits,?

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    done that too.

    these are town foxes

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    Had this happen to me a few years ago ended up closing the trap for a couples of weeks and then was recommended a new bait -frozen duck necks and heads , put them in the trap while still frozen the foxes find the scent of them thawing irresistible.

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    sounds like a plan
    Chinese supermarket?

    may buy another trap and alternate

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    Mine were the by product of a shoot but any duck should work, the blood as it thaws goes to the consistency of jam and that's when it seems to be most productive.

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    stop the teaser bait and use tuna oil in and around the trap as an attractant? works in London but we have a lot more competition here, good luck

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