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Thread: Things to think about...

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    Things to think about...

    After some contemplation I was amazed when I started to consider what you need to think about before you take a shot. At first I assumed the "is it safe" angle would be top of the list but of course, before you even get there you have to decide if it is a deer and so on, it doesn't need to be safe if it is only an odd shaped branch. I'm going to try for a list but am sure I will miss out lots of stuff but all additions are welcome:

    What species is it? What sex is it? Is in in season? Does it have a calf I need to worry about? Is it shootable? (i.e. on cull plan or not the best stag in the country etc.) Could I get into a position for a shot? Is a safe shot possible? Are there any additional safety problems? Are there any PR problems? (i.e. need to keep the landowner sweet or not offend walkers in forestry by shooting a calf in front of their kids.) Have I enough light to recover it? If it runs a bit do I stand a chance of finding it? Can I recover it from that location? Do I have some way of dealing with the carcass or is my butcher on holiday? Would I need help to recover it? Is my mate free? Can I get a clear shot at the vitals? Are there any twigs or bushes in the way? Will it see me if I step to my right to clear those branches? Can I wait for a broadside shot or does it look like it might run or wander off? Can I get a steady rest? How far away is it? What is my bullet drop at that range? What is the wind like? Can I hold steady at that range? Have I gone blind? Why do I always forget to open my front scope cover? etc.

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    I have known a few lads who's first and last question would be,
    Hu Hu How Du du Do I S s st st stop M M My Ha Ha Hands and Na Na Na Na knees fa fa fa From Shaking ?

    Buck fever at its best ! lolol .Been there done that !
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    With regard to the thread "you know you are a deerstalker when", would apply to some of these, in particular...scope covers, is it on the cull, can I recover, most covered on autopilot before your rifle kisses the sticks, or your beerbelly sucks up water from the spaggy!.
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    The older I get more and more the prime question is can I get the quad in there? because I am not dragging that

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    The older I get more and more the prime question is can I get the quad in there? because I am not dragging that
    Ah!The wisdom only gained from the passage of time. Join the club.

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    My variation on the quad bike question is: do I feel lucky??? The estate quad hates me, one time I took it out, I went off the track to avoid a fallen tree then drove over a tree stump and got it well and trully stuck... Last week I shot a fallow pricket and tried the quad again, it really did not want to start, when it did, I got 50 yards before it stopped. After another 15 minutes of trying to start it, I gave up and wandered into the darkness to drag the carcase back (my main head torch ran out of batteries and my secondary one was the beacon)...

    I was out on Monday and the question turned into: can I fit it into an ikea bag?

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