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Thread: Low mounts for CZ527

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    Low mounts for CZ527

    As above, I'm looking for a set of mounts to fit my CZ 527,
    1" tube, low (8-10mm) Warne, Kozap, Leupold etc
    Or, anyone know who stocks something similar ?


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    Cheers P.F. Think they are all either medium or high apart from the Kozap QR ones.
    I don't like the QR idea, I know they're solid but I prefer permanent, should of said.

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    Not that I've got any for sale but you should go for the warne mounts, tried a bunch if options on my 527s and they're easily the best.

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    Is the dovetail different to the 452, fox etc. I have a pair of 1" rings to fit those if it's any good?

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    They measure 12.5 mm so may be too high for you anway?

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    The lowest I have found is .450", Warne mediums.
    With 90% of scopes you will run into bolt knob to scope clearance issues, but if you have measure
    carefully and can get away with lower then I would think the only proper low option will be Projectionless Scope Mount Stainless Steel Rifle Scope Mounts Rings
    They do blues ring as well, not sure why the link has come up as stainless steel.


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    Thanks for the offer L77, but higher than I'm looking for.
    like the look of the Conetrol ones, thanks Hornet6, I think that's what I'm looking for, very neat.

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    ‎Keep the Faith!


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    Anyone had dealings with Conetrol ?
    Tried ordering dap tar bases and rings through they're website, but it wasn't accepted, tried to email several times, but the emails just get returned as undelivered.
    any ideas ?

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