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Thread: hello (rookie)

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    hello (rookie)

    hi im farely new to stalking and have done 2 stalks, i shoot airifles for rabbits etc and shotgun for pigion and game and have done for 3-4 years.
    im in lichfield near birmingham so that comes under staffordshire or warwickshire
    urm the feo is comming round in a week or so so i should be getting stuck in soon.

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    Hi Rookie,
    good to see you here! There are some good people here who will no doubt be able to help get you started. Lot's to learn, great to start so young, I wish I had.

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    Hi Rookie,Welcome to the site. Plenty of help available just don't be afraid to ask a question as there are some very experienced people who are willing to help.


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    How do Rookie
    hope things are going well for you and glad to hear about your soon to be visit from your FEO
    any help i can give you just ask
    you still hav an invite to use up at some point, maybe a chance to christen your new toy when it arrives
    catch up soon

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    thanks, currently trawling through the 243 or 6.5x55 threads :P

    thank you stone
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