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Thread: 10% Off Code for Pellpax

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    10% Off Code for Pellpax

    I’ve negotiated a deal with a company based locally to me,Pellpax, which will enable you to get 10% off any product on their website (minimum spend is 10):
    Simply use the voucher code NDMREF10 on the checkout page.

    They are diversifying into shotguns and firearms so if there is anything you want let me know and I will look into getting it put onto their website for youto order. They have accounts with many of the main suppliers. They are RFDs and deliver countrywide.

    The code can also be used by your family, friends and colleagues however the company doesn’t want it to get onto one of the national voucher code websites (if it does no great problem as I will just get it cancelled).

    Regards David

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    Nice one David also local to me ��

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    If anyone uses this let me know how you get on. Ta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daw View Post
    If anyone uses this let me know how you get on. Ta.
    Hi David well done for getting a discount. I am in the market for a Weihrauch HW97 Synthetic .177 Pellpax 419. Went on the site to order and with the discount they are still more money than Solway 374 Sportsmans 335 and quite a few others. Shame really as I thought with the discount I would have it delivered to my front door. Maybe the smaller items will be a better deal

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    will have to check this out.

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