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Thread: .243 Stalking Rifle

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    .243 Stalking Rifle

    I am looking for a new stalking rifle in .243 and I have up to 1500 to spend. Preferably with a wooden stock. Any recommendations?

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    Before you start asking for things you could try an introduction as it says on the top of the page as per the rules of the site.

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    I was in your shoes not so long ago, went with the Howa 1500 but with the GRS laminate stock. I have to admit I am extremely pleased with it. Basically it's the set up you see in the shooting magazines like Sporting Gun on the full page Howa adverts. Friends of mine who know more about all this than I have been very positive about it which is dandy. But for me it looks good, get a full set up for under 1500 and it shoots great. Five round grouping at 100yrds is all nicely within a 2inch group. (Using 70grain Norma if that makes any difference to anything) I am told in time I will want to upgrade the scope (currently Nikko Sterling 3-12 50) but for the time being for what I use it for and when I use it the scope is perfectly fine. But my field testing thus far is foxes under lamp up to 70yrds and deer up to 175yrds. All shot on target no problems. Right enough of me babbling on, I am a novice so there are far more experienced guys out there who will probably point you in a better direction than I can.

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    Just so I am not upsetting anyone. Clearly there are also many other quality shooting magazines available to the reader other than Sporting Gun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallowDeerHunter View Post
    I am looking for a new stalking rifle in .243 and I have up to 1500 to spend. Preferably with a wooden stock. Any recommendations?

    If the 1500 is just for the rifel then a Sako would be my first choice.

    If its for rifel and scope (scopes cost more than rifels) I'd go second hand and Sako 75 (900 ish) and Zeiss 2.5 12 50 IR (600 ish)

    Tikka are good (Owned by Sako and is there budget range) and a new one is arround 1K and if I were going wood stock I might consider one but i prefer synthetic stocks for the bashing about that my stalking rifel gets and I dont like the Tika synthetic stock



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    Welcome to the site, now an introduction please as per site rules, it is always helpful to know a bit about who we are dealing with. Starting off with an "I want" type of post is never a good thing.

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