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Thread: 6.5 x 55 bullets/cartridges

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    6.5 x 55 bullets/cartridges

    6.5 owners. Just wondering what you guys are shooting through yours? I'm still in the "trial" stages with mine. Have shot the 120 norma ballistic tips, some RWS 140 and the privi 140gr. Both group well, have taken some deer with the 120s but not with the privis yet.

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    just started with the privvis 139gr,havent started loading still on the trail of bits to be honest 1inch groups with them,not made my mind up on the nosler b/ts hunting 120gr on some threads they say no penetration?others ok,so i might go 120 amax not sure yet,oh and ive picked up some 120gr sierra pro hunters,
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    Are you selling your empty cases?

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    Me no im going to reload some sorry

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    140 gr SST, sierra GK are my bullets of choice. The SST are very accurate and consistent. Good wound channel with an exit of 1" or a little bigger. Meat damage minimal if shot in the right place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reggiegun View Post
    Are you selling your empty cases?
    I have 413 6.5x55 cases for sale in the classifieds!

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    I'm on a 6.5 Lapua, a tad quicker, but essentially the same.

    Use 120BT Noslers. Great for neck shots, good for chests, make a fair mess on a shoulder, but it kills cleanly every time. Never had a problem. I am thinking about something a bit tougher at the moment as I do get a diaphragm nick from time to time and a fair exit hole on a chest shot. Wouldn't go softer (AMax). Might wind up the speed to 3100 fps and go Barnes 100 TTSX but I think the neck shots might need to be spot on, no margin for error.

    So much to learn and so little time left

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    A couple years back I killed two large mule deer and two large whitetails in two weeks with Sierra GK's. Smack and drop.~Muir

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    140 gr accubonds and 130 gr TSX.

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    Norma 156gr Oryx. They have a certain authority when they connect. Or Vulkan

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