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Thread: Kahles Helia S 1.5-6x42 illuminated

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    Kahles Helia S 1.5-6x42 illuminated

    So.. ive got chance of one of these.. thinking it would be a good scope to stick on my 7x64 barrel as a driven scope and for a bit of lightweight stalking (if the urge ever took me..)

    A) What are they like?
    B) How much is it worth?

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    Khales generally make very good optics. 1.5-6x42 is a very good all rounder. Plenty of mag for deer sized game at all sensible ranges, and yet wind it back for close range stuff. I would have thought it can be mounted nice and low so good for quick shooting but will depend on mounts and stick shape.

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    Does the "S" stand for Stahl?, meaning steel body = quite heavy.
    I had one once if it was the same model. Mine had the illumination as a separate piece that could be put on the elevation turret. Illumination was only a faint dot for low light use not as a driven game daylight dot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    A) What are they like?
    B) How much is it worth?
    A) very good - Zeiss/Schmidt quality
    B) not familiar with the "S" but the new C and CSX is well over 1200 new!

    2nd hand illuminated variables go for 800 or so depending on age and style could be around there

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    I have an 8x50 illuminated. The optics are as good as any other top maker. The illumination on mine is variable from faint to very bright. I cannot help with the value of the scope you are looking at.
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    A buddy I used to go for boar in Switzerland with used this Kahles or at least one very like it.

    I'd have no problem buying one myself on that experience. Should do the job nicely I'd have thought.
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    The Kahles 1.5-6x42 helia S that I had was bought for a snip on ebay, I then bought the illumination bit which fits on the kahles and Swarovski of similar vintage and sold it for 550 Euro, A few years later the owner sold it again for 550 Euro.
    I remember the No. 4 reticle was too light at low mag for running game and the illumination too faint for driven game. That is why I sold it. Mine certainly had a steel tube.

    found a pic from then without the illumination fitted to the elevation turret.


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    Thanks for the info all.. Yes I do believe that the 'S' stands for steel.. I'm used to lugging a PM2 around so I'm sure it would feel light in comparison! It's got illumination, will have to have a look at the dot to see how bright it goes. Any idea on age of these? I don't think they make the S Any more so assuming it will be between 5 and 10 years old...?

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