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Thread: Stealth Cam RX24

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    Stealth Cam RX24

    Has anybody any first hand experience of the Stealth cam as advertised in the latest BASC magazine.
    It looks good and although I don't understand the quoted specifications it seems reasonably priced at 129.99
    I have seen advertisements for much cheaper ones and also some a lot more expensive.
    In fact I had one that cost 239.99 for about three months, during which time the pictures disappeared, the batteries ran down after a week or so and eventually the battery compartment door broke off.
    If anybody understands the quoted specification and knows of others of similar spec, or better, around the same price, I would be very grateful for pointers in the right direction.
    I need to buy new as I am sure the guarrantee would make me feel happier than buying second hand., Thanks.

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    I have experience of two types of the older model stealth cams with similar specs so this is my experience of them, and I imagine the realities are they are all more or less from the same parts bin so to speak.

    Both take external memory cards so don't lose anything when the batteries run out. The quality of pictures is average to good and I find that, unsurprisingly, the more zoom you use the worse the quality. That said sometimes it comes up trumps but I find as a rule it is better set on the video setting as opposed to stills/bursts which obviously requires a bigger SD card.

    I find mine quite brutal in respect of false exposures, particularly if they are set infront of any cover or in direct view of the sun coming up or setting (although they advise not to have it sited facing south - but that really means nothing as I've had exposures of sunlight hitting trees at the right angle when it's been facing north!!).

    Getting the IR setting for your location can also be problematic and you sometimes get a lot of white out shots due to reflection but it's trial and error but I find that the lower setting is sometimes better, particularly if it's within a wood.

    I got one of mine on special half price offer ages ago so it was only 65 and I'm of the view that for the money they're ok .

    Your best to use the lithium batteries as the cheapo's don't last.

    As said though, sometimes they give perfect shots other times not so perfect. It really depends what you need it for or where you intend to use it.

    Hope that is if some assistance and if I can be of any more help pm me a number and I can bell you.

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    Thanks Mick, there doesn't seem to be anybody else with and thoughts or suggestions for a similar spec camera so I'll dive in and fill my boots.
    I'll not order it until Monday so if anybody else can come up with something else during the meantime I'd be grateful.

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    Just been on the 'phone to them now and decided to wait a little longer for further advice.
    The one advertised does not have 'Black Light' ?
    It shows a red light when activated so anybody would know they are on camera.
    They did offer me one with 'Black Light' but that was just a little short of 200 so a little too much to spend on a camera for my garden !!

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    You may get the older stealth models cheaper. They are sometimes marketed as 'no glow' technology and have black LEDs; they do let the faintest amount of light emit when activated but you would need to be in pitch dark and very very close to see them with the naked eye and would have to really be looking for them.

    The he standard ones are fairly noticeable from several metres away.
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