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    Can anyone reccomend a place to send goat pelts and a few deer pelts to be tanned for rugs.I was sending my skins to a tannery in Poland which was fairly cheap but they stopped tanning long haired animals like goats now.
    I have some beautiful pelts I want to send off but cant seem to get anywhere that will do them for me.

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    Give Devonia tannery in devon a ring. Did an excellent job on my deer skin.

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    Devonia cannot do goat, the hairs are too long.

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    cheers lads but 70 sterling plus shipping per pelt is way too much so Im still on the hunt for somewhere.I was getting them done for about half that price!

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    I sent a large stunning, summer, coat buck pelt to devonia. They sent me back a small youngish animal that had slipped. They would not accept any responsibility. Fenland used to be fantastic but have folded now I believe.
    Regards Karamoja

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