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Thread: Forster Co-ax press: Good or not?

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    Forster Co-ax press: Good or not?

    I've been reloading my own ammo for about twenty-five years now and my original, cheap as chips, 'O' framed, Lee press is beginning to get a bit worn, and frankly, it's a faff changing dies all the time now that I reload quite a few different cartridges (I started off just reloading one calibre, .270win, but now I reload five).

    I fancy the look of the Forster co-ax press even though it does cost a bit. The way I see it even if I don't have decades left to live, my family are into shooting and reloading too so it should get plenty use, no matter what, so the price isn't really an issue.

    What are peoples views on here, regarding this press?

    Or, could I buy something better?

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    good review here.
    very nice bit of kit if pricey

    an alternative to screw in dies

    Hornady Lock-N-Load Die Bushings

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    I did not know the Forster press so did a search and this came up which may help your decision making...or help reduce frustration and improve it if you go for one...

    RSI - Loading Bench Projects


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    I have had RCBS & Redding presses, but I really like my Forster I use it for priming and loading. Go for one you will not be disappointed.

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    I got the co-ax and really like it. Never underestimate the pleasure of nice things....

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    Thanks for your response bewsher500. I've actually seen that review and others already. When do you ever see a bad review online, that doesn't look like it comes from someone slightly nutty and with a grudge? I'm also acquainted with the lock'n'load system. I was really hoping someone who actually uses, or used, the Co-ax press might have some sage words for me. I noted one that was offered for sale on here recently got snapped up p.d.q. i.e. within minutes of the ad being posted (I know because I missed it and I pm'd the guy within about ten minutes of the add going up, not fast enough) Should I take that as a good sign? Have you tried the Forster press at all bewsher500?

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    Thanks guys I see the positive endorsements came in while I was writing my last answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alantoo View Post
    I did not know the Forster press so did a search and this came up which may help your decision making...or help reduce frustration and improve it if you go for one...

    RSI - Loading Bench Projects

    Interesting aspect I hadn't considered. I can see that another solution might be a different 'shooting-bench' style reloading bench profile. That might help i.e. an L shaped reloading bench that places your work to whichever side of you/the press that suits your 'handedness' but leaves you sat in front of the press.

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    I have two Forster Co-Ax. Excellent equipment. Extremely powerful leverage.
    The draw back, if any, is that you must outfit your die sets with Forster lock rings for proper use.~Muir

    PS: As to the modifications. Not sure what he is saying about the 'geometry' of the press being altered with regard to the linkage but that handle will never hold up on long tern use. The Forsters have a grub screw that holds the handle in place. When used in a straight line, it works well. When the handle is off set, there will be a radial torque on that screw and the handle will loosen and rotate. The truth is that you can make the handle very short. A friend of mine has a short handle stem with a billiard ball on the end so he isn't side stepping the handle. The linkage is so strong he can still small-base resize without a problem.
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    Good! Thanks for this Muir. Reading back some previous threads I had already noted you were something of a fan. Interesting too what you say about the lock-rings. Are the Forster ones you have alloy or steel? I've got a few Hornady steel lock-rings myself, which I heard one reviewer saying he actually favours. Should I take it that you don't share this view !?

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