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Thread: gen2+ add ons

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    gen2+ add ons

    Was thinking of purchasing an gen2+ add on from europe how does that work with customs, any import duty.

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    Night vision of any type, (and certainly for weapon attachments) above a certain specification is controlled for export, so most EU countries cannot send weapon attachments or night vision of this generation to the UK without an export licence.

    Import duties will be added to the customs charge depending where you buy it from.

    Also and more importantly, IF it goes wrong, you will need to apply for an export licence to send it back to the dealer outside the UK, which can take up to several months IF granted.

    When applying for export licences a legal proof of import consent will also usually be required.

    Simply returning it for repair, etc is not possible, as is a criminal offence to send outside the UK without an export licence,

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