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Thread: DCS fit and competence register.

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    DCS fit and competence register.

    hi all, i was just wondering how many of us that regularaly use this site are registered as a "fit and competent controller" with the Deer commission for scotland?

    a simple poll is provided! yes or no!

    ill start the ball rolling with a YES!



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    About to apply to soon as the level 2 cert arrives. Apparently it is 'in the post...'

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    Nope - Not yet any way!

    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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    we sent all the signed paper work in when they came out with the silly notion only certain people could shoot in scotland and were told it would be sorted when they decide who is considered suitably qualified to do it . The puzzling thing is we were invited to do it by members of the DCS at a best practice day still heard nothing two years later

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    I might be wrong but having read said paper, it appears that if you are the tenant or lease holder it does not apply to you. You would still be free to stalk

    Looks like another well thought out piece of legislation


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    Yes , I am

    Not sure on the present situation, it was originaly brought about to counter act a lot of flack DCS were recieving about the issuing of night lisences and out of season permissions. Where owners were getting any tom , dick and harry in to blatter deer with the light.

    I felt the whole application process was pretty clumsy and not very well thought out, I've also acted as a referee for a few folk.

    I think to address the whole fit and competant/trained hunter subject we really have to re-invent the wheel as bolting on extras to the present dsc et. is just far too much hassle and isn't working.

    That's why I think it's paramount that it is industry led rather than Government enforced, however that was the whole ethos of DMQ and look whats happened with that???????

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    i agree bambislayer, i think we will just have to roll with the punches,
    As far as i am concerned i welcome any new test, training, legislation relating to fitness, competence, and paramount SAFETY. we need a licence to drive a car, i feel we should be deemed competent BEFORE we are granted FAC's and rifles. far too many "rural rambo's" running about, and i believe it is still a bit too easy to obtain firearms legally.

    im sure my views wont go down well with many.


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    Yes, registered about 2years ago. Haven't heard anything since.
    I think it has been a waste of time, effort and paper.!


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    Yup.....need to control deer most of the year and often at night.

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    Yes, I am on the DCS F&C Register - FC are asking if you are on the Register as part of the questions for new leases tenders now.

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