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Thread: Antonio Zoli .243/12g Combination Gun - 12g o/u barrels included

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    Antonio Zoli .243/12g Combination Gun - 12g o/u barrels included

    As the title says, I am selling my Antonio Zoli Combination 12g/.243.

    It also comes with a set of 12 bore over under 28" barrels chambered for 2 3/4" shells and choked 1/2 and Full. It's a nice over and under shotgun without the added bonus of the combi barrels.

    The combi barrel has a weaver rail fitted, with a Burris 'Short Mag' 3-9 scope (around 30mm objective?) mounted on see through mounts, and open sights underneath. The rear sight is flip up and front sight a fixed blade.

    Woodwork is nice with the odd small mark on. This gun has been looked after but obviously used.

    The action is very smoothe, and has two different depictions of deer engraved on either side.
    It is double triggered, with the front (rifle) trigger being an optional set trigger by pushing it forward. I never used this as the normal pull weight is fine for general rifle use.
    This isn't a long range rifle but I have happily chest shot roe out to 150 yards with it. To be honest I haven't even fired it at paper for about four years, as its only ever a back up rifle for close range woodland stalking when I am accompanying someone else.

    I'm selling it, reluctantly, to fund another purchase. Its served me well for the last 7-8 years or so but it doesn't get used enough to warrent keeping it. Shot a few nice bucks with it in that time, and plenty of other beasties.

    Hopefully someone on here will want it.

    I'm after 1000 for just the gun and barrels, or 1080 with the hard case and leather sling (see pictures).
    I am not after offers thanks, I think that price is pretty fair.

    I will also be advertising on other sites.

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    How much cast does this have please?
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    I wouldn't know how to measure it, but I am right handed and it comes up just right for me. Most standard beretta o/u shotguns seem to fit me about right (the same as this). Although I prefer a gun with plenty of drop at the comb (normally shoot AYA side by sides or Remington Autos). This gun, in shotgun mode, has the same sort of fit as these.

    Maybe this photo will help:

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    I do like these Continental combination guns and this one is just a little more interesting,if only I had the means!As a little enquiry would you need both a FAC and a SGC to own this combo?

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    No they go on your fac only as a 243/12g combination.

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    Do you know if the shotgun barrels are steel proofed?

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    Just seen this question, sorry for the delay.
    Im pretty sure they are not steel proofed, as it is bored full and half choke. As far as I know only some American manufacturers make full chokes that are steel compatable, and they are a relatively modern thing. I dont know the age of this gun but I'd guess at least fifteen years old. I bought it off a US serviceman in Suffolk and before that a Keeper had it in Scotland. The American had the scope and rail fitted - very well I might add

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