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Thread: Canada geese any tips

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    Canada geese any tips

    Hi guys,

    Sorry I know this is not stalking question so admin please move if need be.

    I have been asked to remove some Canada geese @ a golf course. Any suggestions on best approach with rifle would be much appreciated. Are they likely to lift after the 1st shot. I Can use a 22lr, HMR or overkill a 222. What would be best approach, close with quiet 22lr, further off with HMR? best shot placement to drop one without over duly disturbing the others, I.e head shot, do they flap like mad(headless chicken scenario) body shot, drop ?????
    obviously not shooting due to crop protection so is it ok to do ? however they are very messy and troublesome. Needless to say will not shoot on water.

    Advice welcome.


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    No experience with a rifle but you can shoot for public health reasons since they got added to the open general licence you can also shoot them with lead bullets but not using lead shot hope this helps

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    yes, great it does. As it means I'm good to go. Just after some pointers rather than trying one way and thinking, hmmm didn't want to do it like that.


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    The best possible tip for Canada geese is not to assume that they are edible.

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    hmr as you can stand off better than .22 & .22 has more or a chance to ping away rick O' away , a head shot would be best or base of neck bit bigger target from behind even if you drop a low shot practice on golf balls .308 works well but prob not the way you need to go , Canada's are on the pest list fill yah boots bloody **** machines and they damage the greens

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    i have cleared a fair few over the years with the .17 rem.
    as for cooking wrap them in grease proof paper after seasoning etc cook for 3 hrs on low -un wrap the bird throw it in the bin and eat the grease proof paper.

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    With .22lr and HMR, only a headshot will do.

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    Sorry, they can be tough buggers
    .222 is not overkill
    centre mass unless close enought to hit a 10p piece with confidence ..imo

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    good fox bait get a pigeon blind up and a 22lr if clear if not a 17

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    I cleared 57 off a lake on a Golf course with the .243 and all body shots,at one point a few left the lake but when they were shot none escaped and one very happy greens keeper.The only problem you may find is golfers themselves,they play the bloody game in all weathers and from first light to last so it is very much a timing thing.

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