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Thread: BSA Rear sight

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    BSA Rear sight

    I have a BSA rifle in .243 and am looking at putting the open sights back into action. I have the front sight but it could do with new screws. The rear sight has the bottom "williams" parts but is missing the top bit that holds the leaf sight and the securing pin.

    I can get the part numbers of the paperwork in a day or two.

    Does anyone have the rear sights spare?

    Or does anyone know of a gunshop/supplier that may still supply these parts?



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    I have one. I hope it is here in London and not up in Inverness. Will rummage for you now,

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    I would say John Knibbs is your best bet for that:

    Good luck


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    Ahhhh jingzy ,

    What model BSA is it? mIt the action drilled and tapped on the left rear wall? if so have you considered a reciever sight?

    Now we see lots of them with the rear sight remove so one wonders what happened to them all.

    Willaims are still in business so you could get a whole new one.

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    I think my one is up in a box in Inverness. Sorry Jingzy. I won't be up north for a while due to travel commitments. It is a Williams one, screwed into the top of the barrel and came off a .243 BSA CF2 which I no longer have. I also have the front sight with screws. I'll ask someone to have a look where I think I've packed them away. Yours for free if I can get at them.

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    That's why I asked which model as they don't all use the same sight. The screw on type is the Williams Guide sight others are dovetailed into the barrel. Before we know if we can help we need to know the type of sight that was fitted.

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    If it's a dovetail, I've literally just drifted one out of a rifle. pm me your address if you want it.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    The model is a CF2 and it is drilled on top of the barrel for the front and rear sights. I will look to see if it can also take the receiver sights, but not for a few days as I am away from home.

    I am hoping to get it sorted by June as I have an open sight competition to go into with it. At the moment, I am working up some loads.

    Thanks again for all the help


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    If it's a CF2 then you need the Guide Sight which screws on and the CF2 action is not drilled and tapped for a reciever sight. They dropped that feature with the Monarch. This is the Guide Sight:-

    Although that one is on a Parker-Hale 1100 Lwt.

    Roger you have a PM as I need a dovetail fitting one for my Majestic Featherweight .

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    Brit, the sight in your photo is the sight I have and in that condition. Jingzy, I have my mother going up into the attic tomorrow to find that wee box. I know it's there in a corner so bear with me for a day or two. If you're local to Inverness you're welcome to pick the sights up or I can have them posted to you.

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