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Thread: Boar in the garden

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    Boar in the garden

    There was more than 20 pigs in her garden.

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    Was that taken in the Forest of Dean or further afield Elmer?
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    In the Dean, she has them every day front and rear of her house. Had a look other day and there was a bunch of deer in the garden followed by a vixen, no boar as they come in the daytime.

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    Nice to see them close up in daylight
    She has a sore foot , seems to be carrying her back right
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    Apparently there is one with a broken leg that comes in the garden which we are going to try and target. There is another video she sent me which I am having difficulty downloading but this shows two pigs limping but getting around ok. The pig with the broken leg has the lower part of the leg swinging so definitely broke.

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