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Thread: VE Day

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    VE Day

    In all the election fuss, lets not forget VE day, when Nationalist Socialist Germany was defeated.
    I wonder what my parents were doing that day.

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I know what my mother was doing, because I know that HER husband wasn't celebrating VE Day.

    He was already dead...30 March 1944..coming down over the sea and crashing into the Mediterranean. He is one of the three thousand casualties plus of, WWII, posted as 'missing' whose bodies would never be found.

    He is remembered, to this day, on the Runnymede Memorial to the Missing near Bisley.

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    My family were in the Gorbals, Glasgow at the time...must have been tough. Grandad was Chief ARP Warden of the district and Mum did firewatch duties on rooftops as well as her day job.
    I reckon they had a better community spirit in those days, must have done to get through it. That and the years of rationing afterwards.
    I'm very glad that the welfare state took pretty good care of my Mum and Dad at the end of their days. They and others deserved it.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Do any of you have army photo's of any members of your family
    My Farther is sitting on the barrel to your left he told me it was his first and last time he other got drunk couldn't, get over the hangover and the feeling of being sick for days ( much missed ).


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    Bless them all, bless them all...

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    The day a United Kingdom overcame.
    long may they be remembered.
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    We had a old time school fete this afternoon and brass band ,churchills speech and a minutes silence very nice with the village church bells ringing peals as well .

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    just watched the news and the VE day commoration ceremony at the cenotaph. 93 year old veteran laying a wreath who drove landing craft on Dday. He didnt join in on VE day as he was fighting the Japs!!

    What a remarkable man. Its peopld like this we owe our lives too, god bless them all.
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    An amazing generation who, although they had so little of today's 'must have's, gave everything to protect their families, their country and freedom, probably in that order. My father and his 2 brothers all survived. Dad saw VE day in Manchester working in his dads pub, on leave, then to Singapore. How can we ever forget?

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    Yesterday, VE day, we had a combat pilot in a Typhoon doing barrel rolls over the parish the other side of Mach 1, here we won't ever forget. God bless,

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