We are pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to sit for Wild Boar under the moon, here in the UK.

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We have access to a couple farms in Dorset that have more than a few of these hairy beasts running
around. In Winter, the ground can be turned over to the point that it looks as though rotavators have been busy!

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Shooting is conducted each month in a period a couple days either side of the full moon, & if you fancy joining us, then decide on a specific date that suits & get in touch. They are BIG & out there!

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2015 Shooting dates

June 1-4th
July 30 June-4th
August 27-31st
September 27-29th
October 24-29th
November 23-28th

I will have arranged access & pre-baited the site, installed suitable high-seats & provide Night Vision
equipment to aid spotting and target selection - and will be on site throughout the night to assist in all transport and carcass recovery.

We meet mid afternoon, proceed to my range and check-zero the rifle you will be
using. A full brief follows, covering wild boar & the area you will be hunting, before we leave for the shooting grounds..

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Following the outing, we return to your accommodation and a welcome snooze, before departing for home.

All equipment can be provided, including both a rifle-lamp and an NV spotter, however, if you already have your own kit - do bring it along. A total of three hunters can be placed, but two is preferable.

We will need a scan of the front of your FAC + insurance detail (BASC/NGO/BDS etc)as well as
a mobile telephone number for each hunter so we can stay in contact.

To reserve your place, Email or call me let me know what night is convenient during a moon period & I will confirm availability.

Cost: 150 for a full night shooting for Wild Boar.

Shot fee = 60 on successful shot (any size/sex Wild Boar)
Trophy fee = 20 per cm (measured to nearest cm on the largest exposed tusk.)
Lost fee = 200 for any wounded & lost beast that cannot be recovered.
B&B accommodation on site = 40
Venison remains the property of the estate, but the carcass can be purchased at prevailing game-dealer rates (currently 2.50/lb) if you wish.

A trophy fee is only payable for a male Boar showing exposed tusk. On average, 60% of the tusk length will be buried in the jaw - accordingly, a 19cm Boar (Bronze medal) may only show 6cm of chargeable tusk length! Any trophy tusks or teeth are your property, and we will gladly discuss/deal with trophy preparation if appropriate. A Lost/Wounded fee is levied to encourage you to only take shots within your capabilities, and covers the time, cost & excitement involved in following up a wounded animal the next morning!

Any questions, just give me a call please/Email please as this thread is not checked.

Looking forward to hunting with you.


Ian Farrington

Tel: 07798 771 062