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Thread: whats the best way to stiffen the forend on my pro hunter

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    whats the best way to stiffen the forend on my pro hunter

    Hi guys mega new to this was wondering the best way to sort out my pro hunter forend been reading the forum and it has got me worried should the sportsman sort this out for me???

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    i have been through 300 round of prohunter madness, its now all sorted.

    brief history as follows (you can view my previous posts for more details).

    got prohunter mountain .243 with T8 and S&B 8*56 july 2006.
    my first centrefire.
    started out ok, but roaming groups, always sub 1".
    the some big jumps from zero (about 4") but still grouping.
    put 60 shots through without cleaning from new
    fitted second bipod stud, further back to reduce flex. still use that one now.
    gun went back to sportsman, had absorber pad removed (its under the barrell at front).
    it also had 3" copper fused to the rifling, sportsman fully de coppered.
    when returned it was shooting excellently, but after time it started wandering again. i was using boresnake.
    i did used to leave it in a hot car whilst at work, and use it at lunchtime, this may have effected it.
    i then filled the front end with acraglass, but havent bedded the action. there is still flex but it doesnt touch the barrel.

    its now shooting cock on, sub 1" all day long ( apart from when it gets hot!)

    i'm not sure what actually caused it, but what i would advise to you is to check all of the obvious, and then make sure you cleaning regime is sorted. my current cleaning regime is ... never clean it unless absolutely necessary. if you clean it, fully de copper it (takes 2 nights). never use a boresnake. first shot out from clean flies 1" out, then its cock on all the way. if you dont do a full de coppper- it takes about 10 shots to settle down. stay away from the boresnake. i havent cleaned it for weeks.

    sportsman were very good and even said they would change it for something else if i wasnt happy. Brian down there did the floating for me.

    hope this is of some use.

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    Ive had my prohunter for just over a year now and got fed up with the wavy fore end, and ive just had the honey comb section filled in with devcon steel putty, and the gap made bigger between the barrel and stock, its added some weight but it does group pretty darn good out to 200,

    it wasnt that expensive either, 150-, i could of done it myself but lacked the confidence


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    Are these two mark 1 or 11 Pro Hunters? I haven't had a shred of a prob with my mk11...maybe it's lurking and waiting to strike?

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    my one is a mk2. acraglass cost 15. poured in an evening.

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    Pete E,

    Thanks for showing your concern, as i should have mentioned yes they did bed the action in for that price, i think they said it was 70- to just do the fore end, but i decided to get the whole lot done, and am glad i did,


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    Any photos of the work you've done?

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    no i havnt mate, next time i take it apart il take sum though, mines a mk2 by the way, the problem i had was with the added weight of a reflex mod and bi-pod, ment that the barrel would occasionally touch the stock when shooting off the bi-pod and throw shots off as a result.,


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    Thank you sir, you're a gent.

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