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Thread: scope for a 243

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    scope for a 243

    Hello all i am looking to buy my 1st 243 and this mainly will be used for foxing aand target shooting at the range. Would you suggest a variable scope or a fixed 8x56 cheers all

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    Well I'd go for a variable - 4-16 or 6-24 probably. You won't need it for the range (I use a 6x42 on my .308 and have no issues at the range) but for foxing I'd want to be able to dial it up to the max.

    I'm not a prolific fox shooter though, so I'm sure someone will have better advice...

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    8x56 Hungarian S&B - I use mine for stalking, lamping and daytime foxing. Incidntaly on my .223 I have 4-16x50 Leup, its ace, really is. But out of choice S&B every time.

    Good luck with whatever

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    For foxing i like the Nightforce range of scopes with a NP-2DD reticle
    IOR is another make to consider

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    8X56 S & B hungarian, cant go wrong.
    If you get a variable and "crank" it right up at night, you wont see f all through it!

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