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Thread: ultrasonic cleaner

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    ultrasonic cleaner

    a quick question for those who use ultrasonic cleaner ..........

    how long do you leave the cases in for and what additive do you use in the water ??

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    It takes as long as it takes. For me about 20 minutes but it depends on the wattage of the ultrasound generator.
    Water + 25%vinegar, teaspoon of salt and a squirt of washing-up liquid to break down surface tension.
    When the pockets are clean you can be sure the inside is too.
    Take them out and dump them in a solution of water and washing soda(ratio unimportant) to prevent cases looking coppery which is caused by the acidic vinegar reacting with the zinc in the brass.

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    I use a cheap Lidl cleaner , 10-15 cases a time, hot water with a heaped tablespoon of cream of tarter powder , apparently tarter powder does not have an adverse affect on the brass , run it three or four three minute cycles.Attachment 56358

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    2caps full of seaclean

    Tepid water 3liters, 30 min cycle, 100 20 tac cases or 50 6 mmbr/50 .243

    Remove rince spin the water off, onto a try in the preheated oven for about 20 mins

    Job done,

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    I buy the Hornady solution now: 6 oz to a gallon of distilled water and run them until the primer pockets are clean.~Muir

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    thanks just what I was after

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    I've used ultrasonic cleaners in the past and didn't expect much when it came to cleaning cases but I bought a Lyman ultrasonic cleaner and it works a treat. I takes about half an hour for the water (distilled) to heat up and I use the concentrated Lyman turbo-sonic cleaning solution which is formulated for cleaning brass. I clean about fifty .308 cases at a time and it takes 480 seconds.

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    food grade citric acid crystals from eBay
    3-4 6m cycles or until pockets etc are clean

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    I find seaclean works well but strangely find it more effective when diluted with distilled rather than tap water.

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    Seaclean for me but i do Manufacture it

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