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Thread: Foxes at the moment

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    Foxes at the moment

    The foxes on my permission are back after my three month lay-off from shooting... I've had four in the last three outings, but I have fortuitously been in the right place at the right time as they don't seem interested in the caller. This has been at dusk from high seats, and not even under the lamp. Once darkness falls they are around, but the caller isn't working its usual magic.

    So, what's to do? Bait?Different calls they've not heard before?

    Any tips from the likes of Paddy greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Older adult foxs that have heard your calls before these arnt silly juveniles they have cubs to feed and seem to have an extra ear for caution at this important time of yr in the fox calendar .

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    Keep trying different calls I am still bring foxes in on the vixen mating call keep sling in a mixture as you are calling high and low sound levels fox pups calls and one of my favourites at the moment is the vole sound . Spot with a red light and finish the job with nv and have found if I don't consistently check with the red light for eye shine foxes can be in and out with in 30 seconds and you wouldn't know . Also I have found with in 4/6 weeks of thinking that I have got on top there's another lot moved in

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    ones doing my head in, appears everytime within mins but he/she knows where i walk and direction allways keeps an eye on me and is allways in the wrong place for a shot hail rain or shine,follows me around and on one occasion pinched a bunnie from my stash!heard a rustle put light on just in time too see its backend dissapearing into the bushes with the bunnie hanging out of its mouth, i now put them on top of the hawthorn hedge,little bugger it gets all the soft bits when i leave,

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    and seem to have an extra ear for caution at this important time of yr in the fox calendar
    from my experience norma has hit the nail on the head as soon as cubs are about foxes change all together especialy the vixens you may also be having a harder time of it if you have any late cubs as the vixen will still be underground with them if i were you i would just stop calling altogether for the moment now that its not working for you as i firmly belive that you dont have to miss a fox after sqweaking it to make it shy away from being called, if it comes in from behind you, sees you, scents where youve been all of this will build a mental picture for the fox linking humans with distress calls making them sqweak shy

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    I don't lamp foxs at this time of year at all as we are mostly arable anyway ,I remove the vixons and cubs sure but I don't actively hunt them down with a lamp .i don't like leaving cubs to starve by shooting both parents unless I know the cubs whereabouts guess I'm a lot softer in my old age these days and I'm friendly with the hunt lads but come pheasants time I'm just as ruthless .

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    Bait in front of a highseat can work well. Try mixing up the times you go. Definitely lay off the caller. If you're going down the ambush route, get there in plenty of time so your scent has time to disperse a little and just wait.
    I'm still picking up foxes with good old fashioned lamping from a Polaris Ranger/ L200 albeit with a Pulsar N750 for the actual shooting. By the time the last few fields of set-aside grass finally get too long, hopefully some silage will be off.
    Whilst it does get tricky this time of year, the rewards can be high for the land you look after. The Lapwings are nesting here now as well as my hen pheasants and hungry litters get through so much food!

    What gear do you have at your disposal?

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    We have a lot of foxes on the land that I shoot more than our fair share, last year we struggled getting on them when the crops were up, so we built a fox box ( cheers crouch valley ) this has come into its own! now I've set up bait points around it and night vision built into it looking over the bait, watch a screen when there on the bait take the shot.
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    A friendly butcher had boned out two pigs and gave me a few sacks of skin and bones. The local fish shop has been giving me their trimmings.
    the pork bones have worked a treat. 6 foxes In the last week over 4 nights. The fish helped but an observation is that the foxes took the white fish last,preferring to take salmon first. More oily I suppose.
    a few clear nights with the full moon were not a disadvantage.

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    As above - bait would be my first choice. Remember, that although the cubs won't necessarily have heard the caller before, it only takes one adult to be nearby to give them an alert bark, and then they'll be shy of it. The other thing to take into account is that it might be the location of the caller that is the problem, not the actual sound it makes. Consequently, if I were you, I'd find somewhere else to set it up, and then to make doubly-sure I'd use tracks that had never been played in the area before. The only way to find out which ones they like, however, is to try a few. I shot a large dog fox recently that was impossible to call using the usual stuff - in the end it came in to 'Distressed Kittens'!

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