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Thread: Old out board motor

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    Old out board motor

    The magpie in me could let this go to dumped when clearing out a relatives garage.It has two cylinders and the prop is moving so not seized .Is it worth splitting and trying to get in back working.I tried to get some info from googling the name stamped on top but with not much luck !!
    Any advise would be appreciated,make and if it has any value .


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    My first thought was "old seagull".

    Similar,but no cigar, but it might be worth asking :

    Saving Old Seagulls: Free British Seagull information, Engine serial number identifier,advice, forum and spare parts.

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    Yep, almost certainl a Seagul with an auxillary tank added for extra hours running time.

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    Very easy rebuild also recommend the one or two websites that explain all. Usually can get them go without new parts

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    Should be a number stamped on the side of the block, from that it's easy to find the model and date of manufacture. Easy fix, old seagulls never die, the just need a tap with a 4lb hammer occasionally !
    A good one in original condition goes for between 150 and 300 depending on the model, they are quite popular with folk that have boats of a similar vintage.

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    Not a seagull, different manufacturer. Possibly 30's or 40's and definitely worth saving. Whatever you do don't scrap it, I'll pay a carrier to ship it down here if that's the only way of saving it. Haven't a clue about value but nothing of this age should be scrapped.
    Shouldn't be too hard to get running but parts may have to be made now.

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    If I found that I would be rebuilding it. Passed on a Sea Gull here in the states once. It was like new....~Muir

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    Best thing the happened to my Seagull was that some ******* stole it from my fathers garage.

    Forced me to buy a decent (Yamaha) outboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Best thing the happened to my Seagull was that some ******* stole it from my fathers garage.

    Forced me to buy a decent (Yamaha) outboard.
    Really?? I heard they were indestructible! I've lamented not buying the one I saw a decade or so back.~Muir

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