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Thread: Varget posted?

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    Varget posted?

    Some advice please; is it ok to send powder through the post? If anyone knows for sure please let me know. Thanks. R.

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    Thanks PKL. Appreciate your advice.

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    +1 not allowed to post, must be sent by bloody expensive courier so not financially viable.
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    Ant courier covered to ship hazmat goods
    likely to cost you 30-40

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    Thank you all for the info. Much appreciated.

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    if you walk into any post office they will have a poster on the wall detailing all items prohibited from being carried through the uk postal system and the penalties for those that get caught trying to post ammo/powder etc


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    Again, Tikka T3, thanks for the info. I won't be posting any powder. It all seems pretty clear now.
    Out, R.

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    i got some bullets and elcho 17 powder off a rfd up north. cost 15 pound i think to have posted to my local rfd

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    Depends how much you have Rupert Rfd to Rfd is your cheapest option.
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