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Thread: Cooking a roe deer saddle

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    Cooking a roe deer saddle

    The buck was hanging for a week. Last night it was butchered. As it's Mother's Day tomorrow I would like to cook the saddle. I have checked a few books for recipes but I would prefer to hear from members on here as to how they cook their roe.

    I would like to serve it on the bone.

    Many thanks

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    Personally I strip the fillets and serve as pavé or little inch thick medallions. Best done on a bbq and served with a little red currant I'm hungry.
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    Thanks for that. I'm salivating now!

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    Make sure you remove the silvery sinew first!!!

    pan fry for 3 mins each side in butter then transfer to a hot plate and cover with foil

    add glass of good red wine to frying pan to deglaze and bring to boil then add few teaspoons of red currant jelly to the mix and reduce by half

    slice the saddle and serve with the sauce


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    Mother's Day tomorrow ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Mother's Day tomorrow ????
    Check his location!

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    Just had Roe backstrap - marinated for 3+days, in salt/blackpepper, Papaya, 1 teaspoon vineger, olive oil, 25mm cuts. Steamed for 15mins and sauce made from juices - fell apart at the touch.
    Just enough for 3 - shame not enough for 2nds.........


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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Check his location!
    Ahh.. Thought I had missed something as checked the date of the post twice

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