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Thread: What an easter present

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    What an easter present

    Following a very kind invite from wayne davies to try a stalk or two for a muntjak over the easter break i was back up to hereford in double quick time hopeing lady luck would shine on me this time around.
    This was my second visit to waynes as my first visit seemed to concide with herefords monsoon season .
    The weather on my journey up this time was prety good but as i got nearer to waynes the clouds started to build then for the last hour of my journey it poured down oh no i thought not again.
    Arriving at waynes we were soon kitted up and heading off to a nearby wood with the plan being for a short stalk into a highseat for myself and wayne while andy headed off in another direction.
    Reaching the highseat the light soon began to fade when wayne spotted a young muntie buck dissappearing behind a small holly bush so i quickly readied myself for the shot.
    Ten minutes later it was blatantly obviouse that the little blighter had given us the slip but there was no need to panick as shortly after a doe crossed the track and headed up the steep bank.
    Wayne said your not going to get long on this one as your only hope of shot is going to be when she passes between the two silver birch trees with a gap of approximately two and a half feet.
    Safety off and poised in anticipation she apeared as predicted between the trees and the shot was taken and down she went .
    Chatting away while wayne perfored the grallock we both realised we hadnt taken any pictures oh well it was to late now even rolf harris couldnt put this one back together
    The next day saw us up at four oclock and after a bit of breakfast we were out again and after a short stint in a highseat we headed off up a ride with max scenting the way for us.
    Well wayne soon spotted a buck then another then another with a doe and could i see them could i heck as like it became apparent that this type of stalking was totally different to my roe and fallow stalking back home.
    Well i eventually got it sussed as i needed to look much lower into the cover and try to spot the slightest of movements in the dense cover.
    Heading down a steep slope we aproached a large bowl shapped area that wayne said just screamed muntjack to him and max seemed to be in totall agreement scenting the air all the while
    The suns rays were streaking threw the canopy and i have to admit it was a cracking spot to see a dear it just had that feel good factor about it that you sometimes get whilst out stalking
    When out of the cover walked an absolute cracker of a muntjak a real old worrier heading straight for an ivy covered tree stump.
    What made it even better was that i had spotted it before the ninja himself so it was sticks at the ready safety off and bang [FANTASTIC] my first ever antlered muntjak.

    What an end to a fantastic couple of days away from home and some memories that will last a lifetime.

    Thanks wayne for a fantastic trip and i hope your visit to us will be just as enjoyable.

    I must remember to warn roedinater however not to give you cheese after midnight


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    jon nice buck mate
    glad you enjoyed your weekend up with wayne
    he never seems to dissapoint surprised you spotted it before the ninja
    thanks for the warning about the cheese
    regards pete .

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    It always amazes me how Munties/well deer in general can disappear into thin air!

    Its one of those things that always makes me smile when i’m stalking and see one, get ready and wait for it to pop out from behind the one and only bush, and after ten minutes its bloody gone!!!!

    Good looking healthy animal though mate, and decent head...


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    Nice one Jon

    Pleasure to take you mate.

    I supprised we saw anything it was very, very windy that morning I was ok but it probably wouldnt have been very good behind me You certainley wouldnt of wanted a nose as good as max's.

    I Pity poor old John from Yorkshireroestalking, he's gotta follow me next Sunday morning after I've taken the missus for a Vindaloo the night before for her birthday

    Cheers Wayne

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    What a cracking buck - lovely job! Kudos also to Wayne for what sounds like a fantastic trip.


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    Nice going guys. Just had a Muntie steak for tea last night. Need another!

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    Well done, guys. That looks like a good one for the wall.

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    Congrats Jon thats a cracking buck..

    and well done the Ninja..

    Great to see another happy disciple


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Well done good read

    Nice looking muntie.

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    Great trip Rick.

    Nice going oh great ninja


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