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Thread: Questions for Blaser r93 owners

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    Questions for Blaser r93 owners

    Evening all,

    I am starting to look at a new rifle, and am currently looking at a Blaser r93 7x57. I have a couple of questions which I hope some of you may be able to answer/ give your opinions.

    1) with the rail mount system, is there much difference in terms of height of the scope? I understand this will vary due to size of the objective lense, but essentially my question is with a given scope, will it sit lower on a rail or standard mounts. I like the idea of the rail, but there are more scopes out there available as standard.

    2) if I was to buy a .243 barrel in the future, would I need a new bolt head or magazine insert?

    3) aside from the fact Blaser don't make 7x57 barrels for the R8, is there any reason why I should be looking at an R8 over the R93 if I am willing to look at a different calibre?

    Thank you.

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    1. The rail will be higher. Go with rings.

    2. Bolt head is the same, the mag insert comes with the barrel.

    3. No. I think the R8 great, but too complicated and expensive.

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    As Brian says, as it happens I am about to advertise my R93 it can go either as a 7X57, 6.5X55 or 243, each barrel is fitted with a S&B scope, all very reasonably priced.

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    Thanks Brian, John.

    those were the answers I was hoping for.

    John, I'll send you a private message.


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    If you intend on keeping it for a while go the Swarovski rail its the best out there. Trust me, when you use it once you'll wish everything else was swaro rail.
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    I used to own a secondhand R 93, I wanted to upgrade to a brand new one and when I had obtained the 1-2-1 variation I went off to Mulliners intending to buy a Black Edition which was on offer. I bought an R8 instead, for me it was ergonomically far better, although I wish that it had the broader range of calibre options that the R93 does. Why not visit a Blaser dealer and try both options?

    atb Tim

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    Thanks all for replying.

    Tim, I plan on visiting a dealer in due course to get a feel for the R8. I;ve used R93's in the past, and know I like them, and its really the calibre that's drawing me towards the 93. If the R8 came in 7x57 or 7mm08 i'd look into it!

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