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Thread: older sako in 6.5x55

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    older sako in 6.5x55

    I have a Canadian friend recently arrived in Scotland and in the process of getting his FAC.

    He's just started looking for a rifle - a traditionally styled rifle in 6.5 x 55. Absolutely not screw cut.

    He has quite a large armoury back home in Canada, so is really just after one really nice rifle to use for the 10 years or so he plans to be here.

    Top of the list is Sako Finnbear, or similar.

    I'd be very grateful if anyone had any suggestions of where to look.

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    try here R. Macleod Son, Tain, Scotland well i couldnt see one on the list. he is worth checking. he seams to have alot of older sako and tikka models in from time to time.

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