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Thread: Moderator to suit .270 1/2 UNF

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    Moderator to suit .270 1/2 UNF

    Hi all,
    My T8 was second hand when I bought it with my rifle and it is showing some nasty spots on the body that look as if it's started corrodoing from the inside out.
    If anyone is looking to sell a decent replacement please let me know. Budget not very big but ideally I'd like something fairly light and compact (lighter than the T8 a big plus but not adding any more to overall length).
    I have a slot open for a mod on a second rifle so no waiting around for variations.
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    Kiwikeeper on here had a third eye tactical Spartan mod .270 for sale a while back. It was M14 thread but I'm sure the manifacturer could supply the 1/2 unf part so it could work for you. May be worth getting in touch with him.

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