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Thread: Wind Turbines...

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    Wind Turbines...

    Hi Folks

    There is a distinct posibility that in the next 2yrs our ground in Larnarkshire will have wind turnbines erected the size of the ground is about 800 acres so i am concerned about any impact.

    I am sure other stalkers will have come up against this situation, so:

    1. Apart from the intitial disturbance to thinks settle down again & Roe move back into the area?
    2. Will the foresty group impose an restrictions on shooting near the turbines? (a pal who has a shoot in Wales can only shoot areas outside a 400m radius of any turnbine...)
    3. Would there be a just case to get reduced stalking fees due to any disturbance aspect?..
    Any feedback would be appreciated....



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    I would be extreemly surprised if deer moved back at all into the area turbines give off a constant whine and buzz that no creature accepts and it would mask the deers natural hearing defences so will move on.

    My views would be to tell them to stick the lease up their jacksie and find somewhere else

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    Hi Cheshire Lad,

    I would not be concerned we had a very large wind turbine put up very near to where i live about 3 years ago (800 yrds to be precise) and prior to this had about 12 resident Roe in a young mixed plantation of about 1000 acre and it made no difference to them at all, I have actually seen the deer within 100 meters of the turbine recently and also in the past two years i have seen the odd Muntjack also move in.

    Having said that i am completely against turbines for athethic reasons and the cost/payback time but can honestly say the the noise generated from them is minimal only the rush of wind can be heard when you are very close on a windy day the modern turbines dont whine, what affect several one have together i cant cant really coment because i only have one.


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    ive stalked on land where turbines have been up and running for a number of years and the roe didnt seem bothered by them at all.

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    Plenty deer round the turbines at Forth. Would not worry. The access roads are usually better too. Could be a bonus,

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    You will have no problem when things settle down i have a wind farm on my ground and the roe don't bother at all with the noise from the turbines,the area is a magnet for them due to all the regrowth.I also keepered a grouse moor which had a 23 turbine wind farm on it the grouse just ignored them and would fly straight under them.

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    Thanks for your feedback guys - this has put my mind at rest....

    It also crossed my mind that the access could improve areas and re-plant/open areas could attract the Roe back anyway....



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    Quote Originally Posted by DEER STALKER View Post
    the modern turbines dont whine, what affect several one have together i cant cant really coment because i only have one.


    Deer Stalker
    They may not whine but what you can always hear with horizontal axis turbines (propeller type) is the whooshing sound of the cavitation or change in pressure as the blade passes in front of the supporting tower. Only vertical axis wind turbines are truly silent being generally less than 40db at 10 metres. They don't seem to bother the deer in Devon where I've seen both reds and roe in close proximity to turbines.

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    Summit to prop your high seat against!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    Summit to prop your high seat against!!
    Might need an interrupter mechanism!
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