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Thread: Help re Husqvarna 445e - bar slipping

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    Help re Husqvarna 445e - bar slipping

    I've a Husqvarna 445e with tool less chain tensioner. Couple of months ago I thought the chain was stretching and had to stop frequently to re-tension.

    Changed chain, sprocket which was worn and checked bar was getting oiled OK.

    Having marked the position it is the bar which is in fact slipping back. You use the 'knob' to tighten the bar and however hard I tighten, it always slips back within a couple of minutes of use.

    Anyone had and solved this problem please?

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    I had a 3 series that did the same thing I had the mechanism changed for a standard one can't remember the cost but it sorted it just have to carry the little tool

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    If you do a Google search it appears to be common fault with this type of tensioner. Didn't find any solutions apart from changing the mech to the old type or buying a Stihl chainsaw, they seem to have this type of tensioner working well.

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    Thanks gents. I've replaced the knob with a nut and use a socket wrench to tighten it. Seems to be OK at present.

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