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Thread: Sauer rifle barrels....question

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    Sauer rifle barrels....question

    I am thinking of getting my Sauer 90 barrel shortened by a couple of inches but the gunsmith has told me that he's not sure if the barrel is choked at the muzzle or not. I've never heard of this sort of thing and can't see how choking a rifle barrel could improve things so I rang Garlands who told me that the newer guns like the 202 have choked barrels but they are not sure about my gun, the older 90. I still don't believe this and just wondered what you guys know about this. I have tried to find Sauer's email address so I can ask them direct but keep ending up with Sauer distributors and not Sauer themselves.

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    Is it a Sauer 90 or a Sig SHR90?

    Try giving them a ring,

    J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH

    Ziegelstadel 20
    D-88316 Isny im Allgäu
    Phone +49 (7562) 97554-0
    Fax +49 (7562) 97554-801

    I have spoken to them direct when Beechwood were the UK Importers.
    I needed some parts for a Rifle I had in for repair and Beechwood were being their usual difficult selves.

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    I was also told the same by the UK importers of Sauers. Really put the shits up me about shortening. In the end I sold the rifle. But then I had a chat with a riflesmith Steve Kershaw who told me that even if it was choked, cutting that portion off would make such a tiny differance nobody in their right mind would notice it.


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    Storm, it's a Sauer 90. I'll give them a ring in the morning.

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    Morning Boz,

    I have a Sauer 202 in 6.5x55 which has been cut down by a good few inches and it will shoot a ragged one hole group at 100yds!! I purchased the rifle from a gent off this site who certainly knew what he was talking about when it came to Sauer rifles.



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    Here's an update. I rang Sauer yesterday to clarify the question of barrel choke. I got through to a guy who spoke better English than my German so I was able to roughly explain things. He told me that theoretically Sauer barrels are choked, or at least a gentle internal taper, but this is not always possible due to it being a very difficult process. He then went on to say that cutting a couple of inches of the barrel will make no difference to accuracy. I left it at that as it was a bit of a struggle understanding each other. This now begs the question, why bother putting a choke or taper on the barrel if it makes no difference to accuracy ? All very strange but it looks like they do put a slight choke on. I will go ahead and get the chop.

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