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Thread: Glasses or Contacts ?

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    Glasses or Contacts ?

    How do people deal with glasses and bino's ? I am having to take my glasses off every time and its a pain

    I went to try contacts lastThursday and have spent the rest of the week poking my eyes out trying to get them in ! AARRGGHH

    The ironic thing is that it was a real cute 20 year old with half inch false nails that managed to put them in the first time ????lolol

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    Stick with the contacts it does get easier.

    I tried and tried to stalk with glasses but could not get on with them.

    It is contacts for stalking for me just wear glasses the rest of the time.

    I just buy a months worth of daily disposables at a time and only oder some more when I am running low.

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    Thats what I am hoping to do ,but its obviously going to take a bit more practise ?

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    have you thought about laser correction

    i got mine done about 3 years ago

    best thing i have spent money on in years

    before the surgery i had worn glasses for 18 years
    now i have 20/20 vision


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    Yes thought about it thats about as far as I have got, what did it cost and how long did it take?

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    Contacts are the way forward, once you get the hang of them you will not want to go back. I switched to the monthly disposables last year ( you leave them in for a month at a time- even when sleeping) absolutely brilliant - no fumbling around looking for your glasses when you get up ! Good luck with them, Phil.

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    I thought about the laser side of things ? but that had BIG signs in front of it and I simply cant afford it .

    Perseverance with contacts will win the day I think .

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    I use daily disposables - acuvue moist are the most comfotable I've tried. Stick with them - it gets a lot easier as you get used to them. I've thought about laser surgery, but there is always a risk with any operation, and that's what puts me off.

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    I too use acuvue daily disposables. Put them in as soon as i wake up; put my specs back on in the evening. Stick with it, you will soon get the hang of it! I have been wearing contacts for 20 years! If you are a real cheapskate like me you can get a good months use out out of single pair of acuvue daily disposables!!!


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    think i was about 2000 to get it done and in total the time taken was 30 min

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