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Thread: Ultrasonic Cleaner

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    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Hi guys, just wondering which Ultrasonic cleaning bath you are all using? Considering a 2ltr ebay jobby after recommendation but thought i would see what everyone else suggests.

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    2.0L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultra Sonic Bath Timer Tank Cleaning Basket UK | eBay

    I have the 3-5 ltr one of these,

    Best thingi have ever purchased

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    I bought a similar one to Bob - just bigger still (6 litre) I use it for all sorts of stuff & the big size makes it much more versatile.
    You can put little things in a big cleaner - but not vice verca.
    I use the cleaning liquid mix repeatedly to make it more economical. The dirt drops to the bottom of the storage bottle between use & I pour the good clean stuff into the cleaner & discard the dirty dregs each time.


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