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Thread: Just to say 'Hello' from Sussex

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    Just to say 'Hello' from Sussex

    Just posting a quick introduction having only just joined the Forum - although I have lurked for a while!

    Based in West Sussex/Hants border close to The Downs. I've shot on and off for 25 years or more, pistol, target, driven game and deer. I do a fair amount of pest control, a lot of foxing, and control mainly fallow and roe - although we do have munties about.
    Lately I'm shooting a .25-06 and so have recently begun the process of driving myself mad by reloading it. Sometimes I think I should just go and buy the Sako Gameking it loves and be done with it.....then my wallet and the prospect of a long drive to the nearest stockist deters me.
    Not really into the whole 'head' thing....I just like venison and being out on the hill - and if that's with like minded company then even better.

    Often found on a hillside somewhere is Sussex

    Umm...what else....always glad to help anyone out if they're stuck. I don't have a trained deer dog but I do have a borescope and plasma table for steel targets! I'll gladly trade and barter ha ha!


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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