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Thread: New Puppy, food and house training

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    New Puppy, food and house training

    Picked up new pup on Friday. Really pleased with her and just 8 weeks. Feeding her with Harringtons puppy food as that is what the breeder started her on. Lots of conflicting information around with every brand claiming to be best.

    house training:- she is and will be a house dog, so the sooner we get her trained the better. Every time she wakes she is being put out, but in the middle of the night she does squeek a couple of times. There is a puddle on the kitchen floor. No point telling her off so newspaper down and put her back to bed. She does rather want to go out and play - and yes 2am Saturday was in the garden with her just having fun. Put a stop to that as this is going to equal squeak in the middle of the night gives fun and games.

    My thinking is concentrate on day time, and accept there will be a few night time puddles till she gets a bit older.

    She does have a puppy cage so we can shut the door on her, but she generally has the run of the kitchen.

    She he had her first jab on Saturday, so another two weeks before the next and then another week before can take her out for a good roam about. There may be a bit of cabin fever in the meantime!!!

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    I found the cage is the key to dry nights. Keeping them in there at night triggers their natural instinct not to soil their den. Our pup only needed a few nights of nightime outings to the garden and then was holding it in until the morning. Think they are also more secure in the confines cage at night rather then getting stressed about being alone. Worked for us.

    As an aside we also thought he was being remarkably good at the number 2's as well.... until I realised he was eating them as quick as they appeared!


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    I also use a cage for my dogs. I like to get the pups used to them young so that when people come to visit now and also in the future who might not be overly keen on dogs they can be shut away and there is no fuss from the dogs. ie no whining or barking as they are used to being in there.
    Best of luck with your new pup.

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    Glad shes fitting in and doing well Patrick, as the two gents above suggest, cage training is probably the easiest and quickest way to house train a dog. I'd avoid "puppy pads" as in my view they just train a dog to go inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akeld View Post
    I'd avoid "puppy pads" as in my view they just train a dog to go inside.
    You can spend most of your time lining the house with puppy pads, and the little s*ds seem to know where they're "NOT". More often than not they are ripped up in the cage overnight anyway through boredom so you're best not using them as Akeld says. We had a carpet liner stuck in the bottom of the cage, but learnt quickly that it was far better without this lining, instead just putting a loose rug underneath the basket placed directly onto the metal tray as the pup doesn't tend to scratch this up overnight. Am feeding my lab on Kronch at the moment whilst it's young. Was told that it keeps the coat nice and shiny which I thought was just a sales pitch, but after seeing my pups coat after seven weeks it certainly works.

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    Thanks Gents. She is fitting in well.

    Question on whining - my thinking is to ignore it, but take her outside regularly so she pees when you want her to.

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    I was against the cage
    never used one and simply dont have the room.

    If I dont have my own cage to go to then she is not having one!!

    you will quickly get to know their own bodily function routine as well as conditioning your own
    We are (touch wood) clean and dry and have been for the last 4-6 weeks, she is 5m old
    she is taken out for a decent length of time before bed

    regular trips out, reward on production.
    Treacle pees on command now!
    But it is a bit disconcerting when she eye balls you whilst crapping

    For food I went with Eukanuba, mainly as I knew the brand, I can get it relatively cheap and it seems to be effective
    Less crap the better is my rule
    Chudleys that she was only before she came and the Purina we tried on the vets advice both seemed to produce vast quantities of crap.

    Crap in, Crap out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    Thanks Gents. She is fitting in well.

    Question on whining - my thinking is to ignore it, but take her outside regularly so she pees when you want her to.
    We have one of the same litter, any bad behaviour gets ignored and we intercept and distract her during certain rude acts like flower decapitation ! By distracting her and then giving her a toy to play with , and praising that action instead , or getting her to sit and then praising her , she should learn that certain acts get nothing or others get food or strokes and tummy tickles ! The only time I repond to her whine is if she sits by the door after a sleep or a meal etc as its her saying she needs to go to the wonderful open air toilet that we have for her !
    If she is being stubborn or consistently naughty , then we completely ignore her, completely , and she soon mopes off and climbs into her crate. When ignoring her we won't look at her and also turn our backs on her and cross our arms ! It's a very effective method but she's so good we don't need to do that more that a few times a day.
    Im no expert and Its been years since I had a dog but it seems to be working out........,,,,at the moment !
    Also, I've sent you a pm !

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Best bit of advice I ever received, a long long time ago, was treat it like a dog and not a child. Almost every dog I have ever seen, that was nasty with dogs/people or untrained, was the "baby" of the family and not the "dog" of the family.

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    Going through this at the moment @ 10.5 weeks.

    Cage is perfect and working well with dry nights - last time outside at about 11pm and then sleeps through to 6am.

    Dont get up for any whimpering - the more you do it, the more they know (just like a baby) - we pushed through this in just a couple of days - to help, maybe put a worn t shirt in the bed to comfort them with your scent. Trust me, the more you wake up, the more tired and angry you'll be and the training will go downhill.

    Any bad behaviour completely ignore - fold arms, turn head away, no eye contact or talking - if you do any of these you are approving the behaviour.

    Weve got our pup on the Barking Heads complete dry - no complaints so far and decent out the back end too
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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