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Thread: Chapius Double Rifle update

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    Chapius Double Rifle update

    Hi all. Last summer in France I went into a gunsmiths and made an impulse purchase and came away with a Chapuis Double rifle in 8 x 57jrs calibre, took it to the range in France and was encouraged with the accuracy I got from the right barrel but struggled with the left due I think to the force required to pull the rear trigger, back in the uk my local gunsmith adjusted the rear trigger pull from 10lb to a useable 4lb.
    I started looking around for a suitable scope and not wanting to spend a fortune decided on a Leupold 1.25 to 4 x 20 Pig Plex scope with illuminated red dot, scanning the adds I found that eddy EMcC had one for sale so a deal was struck and the scope arrive a few days later,
    The next job was to mount the scope and on the advise of 8x57 it was sent to Alan Rhone who supplied and fitted a set of swing off rings and mounts and sent the rifle back to my RFD.
    The stock was a little on the long side for me so I had Sorrel brothers of East Grinstead Shorten and refinish it with a nice oiled finish.
    Next job was to sort out the reloading equipment needed, 8 x 57 gave me good advise and 1967 SPUD sourced all the necessary items.
    Well I am back in France and intend going to the range on Wednesday to try it out, I have some factory ammunition, and have also loaded six rounds using Hornady 196gn bullets over 42.5grains of N140.

    Cheers Geoff

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    Not jealous in the slightest...... Much !!!

    Keep us posted
    & enjoy

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    very nice piece of kit

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    lovely lovely gun! When you say you were encouraged with the accuracy how accurate were you at 100m and have you tried it at any longer ranges. Also was it using the ammunition the gun was regulated for. I only ask as I would be very tempted to get a Chapuis double. regards sbm
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    Hi sbm i tried it at 50 yards using a doctor red dot which came with the gun the right barrel grouped at about 1,25 inches the left probably three inches but as i said the rear trigger was so heavy i was pulling the shots, i was using 195gn winchester factory ammo, i really dont know what ammo was used to regulate the rifle, 8x57 on this site uses a chapuis double he can probably let you know more about the accuracy, i will report back after my outing at the range cheers Geoff

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    I am not absolutely certain Geoffrey but I believe that Chapuis normally use Norma Oryx ammo to regulate their rifles but they could also use RWS as well.

    My Chapuis UGEX is very similar to yours except mine is in 9.3x74r. I have also fitted a Leupold European 1.25-4x20 scope and mine too is in mounts supplied by Alan Rhone but in my case they are Ziegler.

    The gunsmith in France where I purchased my rifle ( refused to sell me the rifle until the stock was shortened to fit me allowing for heavy winter clothing. My thoughts were that in Britain this would be promised to be done in weeks but would actually take several months, but he said come back after lunch. So I went back an hour and a half later and it was done, and what a superb job he did with the cut totally invisible and the walnut but plate fitted neatly back in place without a scratch. Then it was off to the testing range (including running boar) before he would accept payment. This sort of service is only available from the likes of H&H in the U.K. yet the cost was fairly reasonable.

    I will post pictures of my Chapuis for comparison with yours later today if I get a chance.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    If you email Chapuis with the serial number, they should be able to tell you what ammunition it was regulated for.

    They seem to favour Norma, so the options would appear to be 196g, in either Oryx, Vulkan, or Alaska.

    I don't know how you're trying to test/zero the rifle, but my Chapuis will not shoot off a rest/bag, resting on the fore end, at least I've not found a way to do it yet. It shoots all over the place, and the only way I can zero mine is offhand.

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    +1 As Lateral says rest the hand not the fore end or barrels of the rifle.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Also worth trying some Geco ammunition. It works very well in my Chapuis, and it's dirt cheap, compared to the Norma.

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    Nice looking rifle. What sort of groups at 100 and 200 are you getting?
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