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Thread: Howa 6.5x55, S&B 6X42, ASE Mod

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    Howa 6.5x55, S&B 6X42, ASE Mod

    For Sale

    I have for sale my rifle that has been used to be my "stand by" whilst work has been done on other rifles. To be honest, it has probably only fired approximately 120 rounds from new. Now that my RG 6.5 is ready, i would like to give the opportunity for what is inherantly still a new rifle to buy. The cerakoting was done for long term preventative measures against adverse weather and low maintanance whilst keeping its good looks.........

    Howa 6.5x55 rifle freshly ceracoated action and barrel in 'blue' by Jager SA, which comes with the standard walnut stock and a nicely figured walnut thumbhole "wildcat "stock by Richards Microfit.

    Also included in the sale is a Schmidt and Bender 6x42 scope, again freshly refinished by James.
    The sale also comes with an A-Tec Maxim moderator, with a tally of 120 odd rounds through it, the same as the rifle.

    100 new Lapua brass, 100 once fired Lapua, and 98 once fired Norma (donated) and 20 Federal brass.
    Dies, and 60 factory Federal rounds will be included.

    1100, or 950 minus the 6x42 Schmidt and Bender German scope

    please feel free to contact via PM, mobile - 07967111273 or email

    This rifle is advertised elsewhere.

    Thanks for looking

    Pictures are available via pm or mail.
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