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Thread: Tikka T3 or Sako 75/85 223 or 22-250

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    Tikka T3 or Sako 75/85 223 or 22-250

    Must be in good condition and a fair price. lightly used.

    Wood stock preferred or laminate.


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    i have a sako 75 but its in .222
    looks like new comes with scope ready to go

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    sako 75 comes with a sling and 3.5-10x50 Tasco Scope

    would ship to your rfd for 910


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    Give Steve Beaty from Ivythorn Sporting a ring. I was in his gun room last weekend and he had several secondhand Sako and Tikka rifles in fox calibres. They were all in excellent condition. He's based near Street, which is a drive, but if he's still got them there you could look at several and take your pick. I doubt it would be a wasted journey.


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    hes got them all on guntrade he says and i been looking on there up till now.

    Still cant find a Sako 75 in .223 for a decent price. or 85 for that matter.

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    If you are after a Tikka T3 in .22-250 might be worthwhile trying Gregor at R Macleods - he has some specials on Tikka T3s:

    At 595 for a new Tikka T3 I don't think it gets much cheaper than that for a new rifle...

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    yeh i been seeing those prices already. why on gods earth to they not order them screw cut from the factory! its another 50-70 to get that done on top

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    What was wrong with tikka 22-250 stainless syn T8 and S&B 8x56 for 800 that i put you in touch with.
    As far as i know still for sale, has this cleared on your fac yet


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    im waiting on getting the variation.

    But the gun is synthetic and i prefer wood or laminate.

    also as a gamekeepers gun its not in the condition i like my guns. its a great deal if your looking for a tool, but i like my guns in perfect condition.

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