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Thread: Antagonists

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    Is it just me or does there seem to be a great increase in the number and attitude of antagonistic people on here lately?

    I am sure if I started a thread that simply said 'I have a dog'; the next person would say 'dogs are crap, you want to get an uran-utan' and then we would get six pages of 'what is the best calibre for uran-utans' and 'my FEO won't give me an open cert' for arboreal hoo'

    I have said it before but, I used to look at this site (and a couple of other stalking sites) just for a laugh because there was so much rubbish posted; I started to see that, once you cut through the BS, there were actually several very knowledgeable and experienced people on here so I joined.

    I suppose I am lucky as I have the relevant experience in the field to sort the good opinions from the rubbish but I don't envy a newcomer looking on here for advice or simply out of interest?

    I'm afraid that we seem to be slipping backwards pretty fast. I don't have any answers to this, I suppose that is just lifes rich tapestry but it will be a shame if this site becomes the laughing stock that some people seem to be taking towards.


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    Yes, I've noticed the same and have to say I've dropped out a little.

    Having said that I've met and stalked with some great guys I've met through here.

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    I'd agree that things have gone a little downhill lately, but this site is still way above the standard of some of the others out there

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    With much regret I have to agree.

    I've met some great people through the site, genuine friends. I've enjoyed deer dog days, long range shooting weekends, H4H raffles and all sorts. Knowledge and experience was shared in a friendly and helpful way.

    Lately it appears we've attracted some 'Stalking Gods' who feel it necessary to enforce their opinions through denigrating others and arguing for the sake of it. I am, naturally, humbled in their presence, but where has the fun and friendship gone??


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    It goes without saying that as the site grows you will enevitably have people joining who have a vastly different view from yourselves. When we salvaged this site about two years ago we had about 700 members, we are now approaching 3000. Granted some have been banned and many do log on but do not post. However we do try and monitor the site closely, whilst both JAYB and myself will not tolerate Trolls, idiots and trouble makers, we cannot ban someone or persuade them to go else where just because they have a point of view they believe in.

    This site has helped many stalkers and many new stalkers. Many on here have taken their first deer thanks to the generosity of the site members. Try and find that on any other site on the web I think you will struggle. Friendships have been formed that have expanded individuals stalking skills and given many the opportunity to take a species that they may never have had access too.

    Whatever we do it will never be perfect, but then its not a perfect world is it

    Good luck to you all, and I for one am looking forward to next weekend, when I have Terry (Pheasant Sniper) a good friend met off the site, Oberon who is now a friend, and Predator control, who took his first deer with me and is returning to have a go on the Roe.

    All met off this site



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    People all have different veiws on a lot of things.Part of what i like about the sute is that if i ask a question i do get a lot of different veiws,i then can take a mean average to help with a decision.I read the posts most days ,it is like getting a shooting magazine daily instead of weekly.The difference is that a lot of the poeple on here are far more knowledgable and helpfull. You do get the odd one that thinks his opinion is the only one but i think it is up to you to balance all opinions. If they do get out of order admin will always give them a warning and have gone even further with some on here.All in all it can only be a good thing to have so many like minded people sharing their knowledge veiws and experience.Even the most experienced can gain from a site like this

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    Just about sums it up for me to.

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    I think it's a great site. There's some good humour, though perhaps quite a bit of unnecessary opinionated talk too. For me when I am travelling or working in the middle east it's a link back to the hills and woods and if I can't be there in person it's great to read of others' exploits. I'm thankful for the site even just for the escapism value, though I have met a few people from here and warmed to them instantly. It can be hard to look behind the written word and see the real person so I try not to be too judgmental. There's also a heck of a lot of otherwise unknown info and tips I've picked up from the site and I'm glad for that benefit.

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    I blame google. Since implementing the new software with search engine optimisation we are now no. 1 for the query "deer stalking" on google and it seems to be attracting all manner of riff-raff.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    I am sure if I started a thread that simply said 'I have a dog'; the next person would say 'dogs are crap, you want to get an uran-utan' and then we would get six pages of 'what is the best calibre for uran-utans' and 'my FEO won't give me an open cert' for arboreal hoo' JC
    Simply for the sake of being antagonistic and in a deranged last ditch effort to re-open the great SD literacy debate, the arboreal primate you refer to is called, in English, an orang-utan.

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