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Thread: Sako m591 stock ?

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    Sako m591 stock ?

    Just cleaning & took stock off see two marks on stock just below where first stud is
    see photo
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    these dark mark on each side look as if they where left for barrel to rest on & do rest on
    Have had one or two ? Able shots, but again could be just me!
    This is lovely to shoot 7mm 08
    any advice welcome
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    Sako is not perfect,
    the stock has not even been bedded (saves production costs) therefore they need the two little bumps help to centre the barrel when fitting the barrelled action into the stock. Looks like quality when the gaps left and right in the barrel channel are equal.
    if it were mine I would do a proper job. That particular action is very good, I think one of the best made by Sako.

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    Thank's edi,
    what would you recommend ?
    many thanks you know exactly the stock I have.
    advice greatly appreciated as I do like this rifle.

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    Not sure how awkward it would be from NI but Redmist from this forum seems to be very handy at bedding that older Sako action.

    I would get the rifle pillar bedded and the barrel channel checked that there is a bit of clearance to allow for bipod use or resting the
    rifle far forward on the forend when shooting.
    Great calibre, lovely action and if that one step is done properly there is no reason why it shouldn't make a great shooter.

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    As Edi suggests, the marks will probably be a "pad" where the barrel touches the for end, deliberately left by the factory.

    The action also used the "L" shaped recoil lug, which I usually replace with a machined lug bedded into the stock when I do em, this lug is permanently bonded to the stock, the action is also supported by pillars between bottom metal and base of action.

    Im not sure of the logistics legalities of getting a rifle to me from NI, though I am probably coming across on a one day trip within the next month - should you want me to bed the rifle,,,you could research ?

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    OK, I've pulled mine out of its stock and taken a look. I got this rifle 2nd hand and the previous owner has opened up the channel - just a little bit. Looks like it was done with fine sandpaper wrapped round a dowel or similar. Decent enough job and provides about 0.5mm clearance on either side of the barrel. I wouldn't go to the trouble of bedding the action unless you can't get the rifle to shoot by tuning it's load. Don't go solving a problem that doesn't exist. How does it shoot now?


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    As said pillers in stock between bottom metal and action , bed action with solid recoil lug and free float barrel

    this is so worth doing as it'll give you a great base to start with

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