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Thread: Lost In Action

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    Lost In Action

    Following on from the lost knife thread, what have we all lost whilst in pursuit of our sport?

    Myself never a knife, but several gloves, several flat caps, several dog leads and a wax bush hat with my full collection fo woodcock pin feathers. Oh and a couple of nice thumb sticks left on the marsh.

    All the above were lost forever but the wax bush hat was found three years later, after it was ploughed up but even a decent barbour hat like it was no match for modern farm machinery.
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    Last Saturday I was rabbiting on ground with several foot paths and glassed a hiker coming my way, I had about done so moved off towards the car, looking back he was purposefully striding out towards me both hiking poles swinging. As he got nearer he shouted out "Oi" here we go I thought, opening the bolt and unloading the rifle. As he got nearer he called out you have dropped a glove I've put on a post near the gate. I thanked him very much, what a nice man, it was one of my favourites. I walked down and got it back almost before I knew I'd lost it.

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    Scope turret caps - yes, when zeroing an air rifle. Thankfully just a cheap scope. Never found them. Knife - check. Although it was one of those with a bright orange handle and I picked it up a fortnight later. I'd left it on a shelter in a release pen. A flip up scope lens cover (well known make) that dropped off a rifle that I was carrying for a friend. Found in a field 18months later. Looked as though the odd sheep had nibbled it to see if it was edible. I gave it back to him. He was well impressed.

    About a fortnight ago, I took the magazine out of my .223 as I was going to traverse a steep bit of ground in nearly dark conditions. Dropped it and it tumbled down the slope about 15 feet. Just before it was stopped by a tussock of grass I heard a "ping" such as would be made by a round escaping from it. Spent the next 20 minutes firstly with the head torch then a lamping torch trying to find the errant round without success. Then I thought I'd just check the magazine and found it full! D'oh! In a similar vein I once went round asking if anybody had seen my slip lead on a shooting day, only to find it hanging around my neck! In my defence, it was the same colour as my coat and nobody I spoke to saw it.

    I also lost some fencing pliers and then found them the next spring, a year or so later. Rusty but still serviceable, although I'd replaced them by then.

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    Those little CZ mags for the .22................ left on vehicle roof, empty of course.
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    Bolt from my old 270, fell out of my pocket while extracting a big stag with a quad bike never to be seen again.

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    A glove..just the one. Disappeared when I gathered my kit together after packing my parachute....the glove re-appeared fallowing the opening of my parachute while skydiving at Halfpenny Green. Fell out of the canopy past me downward...way out of sight. Always checked a little more carefully after that!
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    A leatherman micro, in green (of course), by the side of the Blackwater. For 15 years I've looked for it as I've walked along the of these days....

    Swarovski rubber objective covers...too many to think about. Strangely I found one belonging to someone else the other day, on ground I don't stalk on.

    When beating I found an old pocket watch in a field. It had obviously been there for many years. Gave it to the keeper who knew the old fella that had lost it 30-odd years before.
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    Scope turret caps

    Ooooh Yes! Thats a real b*astrd - I've done that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    Scope turret caps

    That’s what comes of too much in-the-field twiddling!


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