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Thread: doe season

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    doe season

    What is the general concensus on the extended doe season ? We are still shooting does but have pretty much finished now ,i belive in my opinion that it is better to take them now than earlier than say if the season had been brought forward to october .

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    hi tom
    the extended season suits me well as i my job does not let me do any stalking till after christmas so i lose two months of valuable stalking time
    being able to continue into march means i do not need to harrass the deer as much to reach my own cull figure now i can spread it over the remaining 3 months and the does will need to feed a bit more as most will be carrying, so making them a bit easier to get to grips with , the downside for me is the gralloch , as i hate to see the unborn , but needs are must

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    I am not overly convinced it is a good idea on all the female species of deer in this country. Roe for instance will be well into the stages of pregnancy in late March, as they usually drop in May. With these milder winters the rut is sometimes early for some species of deer, it has certainly been the case in the area of Scotland I manage, and this has an impact on when the doe's and hinds drop. (Although I know the extended season does not effect Scotland)

    I saw a Sika calf this year in Northamptonshire in late September that looked to be about 3 weeks old, this was wild not fenced, it was in view for a few seconds before running off with its mother.

    I think this extended season should be carefully monitored, to see how it progresses.

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    hi sikamalc
    to tell you the truth the last couple of fallow does i shot were well into the later stages which could mean they will drop in say begining of may so almost a month early for my deer as a rule, so if the fallow rut was early then this the result from that
    it now means i am going to keep an eye out and see when the first new born appears , this could be quite interesting more time spent with the camera , god my O/H is going to love me

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    I for one will be shooting does into March as the pheasant season stops me from getting to grips with them until the start of Feb.

    I personally dont have a problem shooting doe's with a devolping foetus inside. I shoot a number of muntjac doe's and as such usually find they are in the final stages of pregnacy.

    Just as a management tool in controlling the doe's. I shot 5 roe doe's on Monday and on inspection all were pregnant, the does in total were carrying 3 roe bucks and 7 roe doe's foetus's. So as you can imagine If you dont complete your cull and you miss a doe or two it wont take long before you population expands.

    As for milder winters and earlier birthing times. As part of the governments studies, it showed there was no evidence to support that doe's may be dropping earlier than the end of March. And as stated on this thread the evidence supported that youngsters start to drop from May onwards (Farmed / Wild)


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    Doe season

    Hi Tom,
    I was just about finished on the Roe does by the end of Feb and just took one more out a fortnight ago because the landowner had seen a group of seven on the wheat.
    Then last weekend I saw another group of seven on a different part of the ground and thought that I could leave them.
    However in the three days of high winds, they have been charging about, breaking the electric fences and the stock got out, causing a bit of a problem. I was asked if I could sort them out. I took two out yesterday evening. Hopefully that will be it.

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    Umm ... a novice with no real experience in these matters even I can see this could be a really emotive issue.
    I got into to stalking as a sport and a way of getting some nice tasty venison, so I can really only comment as an interested observer.
    The idea of culling pregnant does seems a little distasteful on a personal level, and I would imagine this is exactly the sort of thing the anti's would jump on with relish.

    I think that it would really need to be monitored and approached with extreme caution, personally I don't think I would do it unless there was a problem such as would risk me losing some land..
    However I do realise that some of you guys do it as a cull and have figures to achieve so it's a job that has to be done.. but I still can't help having reservations, and if I as a supporter do, I can't help but wonder what are those who have an evil eye on shooting sports are watching and scheming, by not doing this sympathetically you risk playing into their hands.

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    I agree with you that it is not very tasteful carrying out a gralloch with large young inside ,but i would rather take them at this stage than leave dependant young in october <dependant being weaned but not street wise if i can phrase it that way > personally it has helped me get my job done ,but we only have roe here ,so it is different with the delayed implantation for the rut etc .

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    Personally I take anything the government come out with about Deer and Wild Boar with a very big pinch of salt. One only has to look at the shambles and the waste of tax payers money over the Wild Boar report DEFRA undertook. According to the so called experts there were only 50 Wild Boar in Dorset and not much more than that in Kent and the Forest of Dean

    Nearly every Muntjac doe you shoot will be pregnant, thats why they have been so succesful But from being in the field over a number of years, I have noticed a change, and I still feel that shooting heavily pregnant deer is distasteful, although I will agree Munties are an exception. I have done it when management of deer has been required, but as I have got older, maybe I have got softer, and I still think that the season extension needs monitoring. If anyone is that busy on a piece of ground they are managing deer on, they should get some help, or let someone else do it, being busy to me is not an excuse.

    Sorry my views are rather to the point, but thats me I am afraid.

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    hi elma fud
    it is always a good thing to cull heavily pregnant munty does , as this should mean that an dependant young as such will be fully weaned and as munties can hav hav their young at any time of year then it should be good practice to only cull heavily pregnant does, if you need to cull munty does, as if she is not showing signs of being due to calf then the chances are there is a youngster lay up in safety somewhere so to shoot a doe which is not heavily pregnant could just cause unessecary suffering to a possible calf that you do not know about or if the doe is seriuosly injured in any way is another good reason

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