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Thread: Parker Hale Aperture sight for 11mm rail

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    Parker Hale Aperture sight for 11mm rail

    Wanted older style Parker Hale Aperture sight for 11mm rail please.

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    Offhand, I can`t think of any that screw to a rail, mine all screw to the action. So which ph sight do you need? As in product number, and what rifle do you want it to fit? Regards Tim.

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    Hi Tim, Its for an old Mauser 22lr with the standard 11mm scope dovetail on the receiver. I've had a look on the net and its a model 16 as on the old Bsa .22's, but instead of being screwed to the side of the action it fits on the dovetail on the scope rail.

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    Hi, If you google Jim Hallam, classic gun company, he might be able to help you. Also there is a gun fair coming up at Bisley this week, and it might be worth a try, Jim will probably be there trading and you can annoy him! Regards Tim.
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    hi isn't old Anschutz 11mm rail?

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    Hi, Thank you for the ideas, I will follow up the Jim Hallam lead. The Anschutz might fit and is a wonderful bit of precision engineering, but its a bit big and bulky for occasional use on a sporting rifle. The PH one is small and folds out of the way neatly.

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