Every day is a schoolday, but learned a good lesson last night that I thought I'd share.
I'd take a roe button buck in the afternoon from an area of clearfell. As I approached a good buck was just wandering back into the plantation before I could get on to him. A doe and button buck, and another doe were in view so I waited for the opportunity and took the young buck. First with the 7x57 and it dropped on the spot.
Lots of deer on the ground, but no more bucks seen, so on the way home I returned to the same firing point I took the buck from hoping that things had settled down and might see that nice buck again. Wind in my face, all good.
Scan, scan, scan - nothing. I thought I'd give it another 15 minutes and then move further on to a nice bit of grass that might be attracting them.
I'm getting ready to move when, in the ditch in front of me I see a roe head bob up and have a look round. Maybe 20 feet? Fair got my attention - I didn't expect him. Watched him move around a bit. Another button. The numbers need bringing down, so as soon as a good shot presented at around 20 yards, down he went.
Lesson? Expect the unexpected! In my mind 'he was not supposed to be there'. But no-one told him that.
Another lesson for me is to get some shorter range practice in with the 7x57. I'd been trying some new 'adjusted' loads - factory rounds reseated to chamber well in the Varberger (seems very picky, a short chamber). All at 100m. I need to get some practice in at shorter ranges as well.