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Thread: Boyd's Thumbhole stocks

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    Boyd's Thumbhole stocks


    I'm considering a Boyd's thumbhole stock for my SA Rem 700 with blind box mag. I'm primarily after a higher comb than the standard stock with perhaps a more comfortable grip. I've tried e-mailing them in the states re whether I can order direct but had no response after a week, so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of who best to deal with in the states for these?

    Also, as I have never even seen one in the flesh, I don't suppose any kind sole in Kent who has one might be prepared to let me come and have a very quick look please?


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    I bought one from Boyds direct in the US, I would give them a bell as the service was excellent when I ordered. One thing to bear in mind though, the comb is not that high, I use a cheekpiece with my Rem 700 SA, also depends on the scope you are using to a certain extent. I think for the money they are excellent and very comfortable to use.

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    I bought direct from Boyds twice, no problem. However, the comb is no higher than most stock stocks.

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    Also they will only ship items under $100 so any extras you would like on the stock will put it over the $100 limit and therefore they wont post it.

    I have a Boyds stock and have compared it to a Howa 1500 stock (Boyds supply the stocks for Howa) and the stocks were both very well made but the Howa had a better finish (more laquer so appeared more shiny but also more wear resistant).

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    Thanks for the replies Gents. The comb looks a little higher in the pictures compared to the standard stock on my LVSF. More importantly, I'm hoping the grip will be better than the standard stock (which I think is supposed to be an HS Precision stock) for me as being thumbhole hopefully it's not such a stretch to the trigger (I've only got little hands!).

    I've also read a couple of US threads where a couple of folk reckon that a Boyd's stock improved group size too which will be a nice bonus!

    Boyd's have finally come back to me today to say yes to shipping to the UK (stocks are $99) and that carriage will be about $70 so hopefully just over 100 all in, which I think is pretty reasonable.

    Be great to see one before I order so as above if anyone has one in Kent they are prepared to let me have a look at, or else know where there might be one on a rifle in a dealer I'd be really grateful.

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    I'm in Heathfield if thats not too far for you to have a look? I put it on my T3 Lite and it has improved my shooting as it has helped with better grip and recoil. It did require the smallest amount of bedding to the trigger guard but nothing that even the most basic DIYer wouldn't be able to do. Finally factor in that you may have to pay VAT and the handling charge from royal Mail etc which is about 30.

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    Hi Dodder
    If you go to their home page and fill in a (Product Request Form) and leave your comments questions there they will get back to you. Normally within 24 hours.

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    Dodder, I have the LVSF and replaced H&S with the Boyds, I am pretty sure the reason the stock is $99 and shipping $70 is so you don't pay import tax on the stock but they make up their money with the increased shipping charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NellyT View Post
    Dodder, I have the LVSF and replaced H&S with the Boyds, I am pretty sure the reason the stock is $99 and shipping $70 is so you don't pay import tax on the stock but they make up their money with the increased shipping charge.

    Max value for a gift is $56 including shipping. Boyds will not officially declare the stock as a gift any way.
    There is a $100 value for ITAR items, if 100 bucks is exceeded they need to get an export license is the reason.
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    Thanks for clarification…I knew there was a reason they are priced at $99..

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