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Thread: Load Development Target

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    Load Development Target


    Looking for a target to suit load development, other than using a dmq grouping targets.
    What would you advise?


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    free to print load developement targets on google,

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    Lots here, and many of them in 8.5x11 inch size, so you can put them in a 3-ring binder for the record.
    Free downloadable targets for 6mm BR Norma and 6BR benchrest and Long Distance shooting. Targets for 100 to 1000 yards and varmint hunting.

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    free pdf printable lots to go for .5 or 1" inch scroll over the lot as there is a big choice

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    I like these as they allow multiple aiming points on the same sheet and having the squares tilted 45 degrees makes it very easy to consistently line up the crosshairs accurately every time even at longer distances. They also do 2" squares and 4" squares for longer range practice.

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    I have a couple of spreadsheets which can easily be tailored. PM me an e-mail address if you want some examples. Regards JCS

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    For load development I use my home made OCW target

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Forget about targets with multiple aiming points. Just find a single target that suits your reticle. It makes a difference and if you are making decisions based on your groups you need to know your shooting is consistent.

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    Ideally all load testing would be with a 36 power scope given of ultra fine reticle. Atop bags front & rear of course.

    Then there's the temptation to 'walk' bullets into the group to be resisted which is why the corner of a square is better to hold on rather than the centre of an orange circle. Only really possible of course with high mag scope.

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    Great positive response,


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