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Thread: Moderators and are they really necessary

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    Moderators and are they really necessary

    Most stalkers today seem to want to fit a moderator to suppress sound but are they really advantageous.

    Personally I would not have one fitted to any of my own rifles, as I find carrying less weight in the field and handling of the firearm more important than sound suppresion.

    I accept that the Forestry Commision insists that all its employees have to have them fitted but this is more for covering their own backs against future possible claims in respect to hearing loss. In my view other alternatives in respect to ear protection are just as effective even more so whilst discharging a firearm in the field.

    Also scientifically it is also common knowledge that a high velocity bullet travelling at over 3000ft per second cannot be suppressed as the speed of sound is around 1000ft per sec (Approx) then it stands to reason that a projectile travelling at a speed 3 times that figure cannot be suppressed, admitedlly muzzel flash can be reduced.

    The report from a rifle bullet or any other projectile is the noise made as the air trys to fill the gap as the projectile passes through the sound barrier which is beyond the actual rifle, so why are we so keen on fitting these heavey objects to a otherwise well balanced fire arm.
    The members views on this would obviously be appreciated and be a good debatable topic in my view.
    I appreciate and accept others will obviously have a different view than that held by myself.

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    Hi - I got a s/steel PES fitted to my 243 T3 a while ago, and wouldn't go back to shooting an unmoderated one.


    - it is quieter
    - it reduces the muzzle flip and felt recoil

    Sure the rifle doesn't look as nice, but I value my hearing more than the rfile's looks!

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    In a word NO. Advantageous? depends on the situation!

    However they do have their place in the scheme of things. Whilst you cannot remove the crack from a supersonic bullet, i.e about 1100 fps, you can remove most of the loudest bit the muzzle report. Moderators are especially useful where the noise of shooting can bring complaints and of course for night shooting of vermin. Not waking neighbours must have it's advantages!

    Although I now have a moderator I will not be using a moderated rifle on my next stalking day. I retain the choice to either use one or not without having to re-zero. Foam ear plugs will suffice for the shot on the day.

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    i feel that it is much easier to take an accurate shot with a moderator especially if one is shooting a lighter weapon that is prone to a high amount of recoil and muzzle flip. it also give you the advantage of not having to think about how to protect your hearing (ear defenders or plugs)

    -plugs are fiddly and annoying.
    -ear defenders are bulky and can get hot and sweaty and get in the way.
    -without either and with a moderator, you can hear what is going on around you and you can take the shot aswell.

    neighbours probably wont complain as much about the noise.

    although i do appreciate that they are heavier and bulkier, but i think that they are the only dissadvantages worth noting.
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    Anyone know if Carbon Fibre is an option for making a mod?
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    certainly rimfire and air rifle mods, they retail at about 75 but im pretty sure i have never seen a centrefire carbon fibre mod.
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    Not for me. My hearing went years ago, but have used electronic ear plugs for the past ten. They were exspensive but well worth it and you can magnify the sound if needed. I prefer the looks of my rifles and one of my favourites is the Stutzen, so no chance there.

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    mods for stalking are a no no for me.
    though i dont mind clients using them if they are aware of where the guns pointing.
    a shot or two makes no odds to the deer or your hearing.IMO...... pardon lol.
    practice with muffs on plugs on/in but stalk without.
    f.c. are now supposed to wear defenders as well as have a sound mod fitted where will it all end??
    Badly balanced guns are awful in the field.
    and as for shooting more acuratley with one get more practice then. No substitue for practice.

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    all my rifles are moderated, so i cannot really comment in regards to shooting without one. are they advantageous, well for me they are. plenty of advantages, however i do miss the big bang from a standard fullbore. its a bit like paralax adjustment, its a personal thing!


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    I dont think mods are great for roe deer, I have had loads of chances of a second shot even with unmoderated .308 so the mod is not esential for a second animal although I have no doubt it increases your chance. It is good for hearing conservation, it is also good for reducing felt recoil. I also find that they are fantastic for environmental conservation (noise polution). Most of all I think it is good for PR. I often shoot animals within a few hundred meters of houses and buildings and seldom do the ocupents even so much as hear the shot. Without the moderator it would scare the crap out of some people at the crack of dawn or at last light.


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